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Credits Economy

Posted on 30/01/2019

We want our players to have equal chances when they play and when they use the website. That's why, in this post, I'll try to explain how you can get and spend our Credits.

You can get them for free by contributing to the growth of our community or you can pay for them. The important thing is that all methods should feel rewarding enough so none of you are left out. Based on this focus point, we settled on the following system:

What can you do with Credits?

Our currency is designed to become the fuel for player interaction. It will be the main token in the player market. Other than that, we offer build specialisation and privacy.

  • Reset Stats: 50 Credits
  • Reset Master Level: 50 Credits
  • Hiding Information: 30 Credits / Day (weekly pack of 210 Credits)
  • Buy items from other players on the Market
  • Highlight an item when you are selling it on the market: 10 Credits
  • Transfer your Credits to in-game Wcoin to use in Xshop

How can you get Credits for FREE?

There are multiple options. All of these are focused on helping the growth of our community.

  • Vote on Topsites: 5 Credits each (25 Credits / Day)
  • Refer a friend:
    • 100 Credits on his first Reset
    • 200 Credits when they reach 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 resets
    • get up to 1100 Credits / referral
  • Trade your Game Time: 1 Credit each hour you spend online (24 Credits / Day)
  • Sell items to other players on the Market
  • Each time one of your characters Resets you get 50 Credits
  • Top 10 Voters get 500 Credits each at the end of the month

How can you buy Credits?

Get them fast and easy with our Paypal Packages. We'll be looking into other payment methods in the future.

Currently this is only one server.