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Legion Mu Online server details

Posted on 11/02/2019

We are proud to announce that our first server will be named Legion. Our focus is to combine the new UI from Season 9 with classic Mu Online gameplay for PC.

Main features:

  • NO xp boost
  • NO webshop
  • NO full stats
  • Seasonal leaderboards
  • Player Market enabled
  • in-game shop will only sell kundun boxes and starter items
  • all players will have the same chances on all items/maps


  • MD5 protected passwords. Not even us (the server admins) can see your passwords
  • anti-hack scripts with instant ban


  • x100 experience rate
  • 1000 points and 50 Credits on every reset
  • maximum 50 resets that give you stats
  • after that you can still reset for leaderboards; your character will have MAX+1,2,3, ... , +n resets
  • max stats is 32500
  • basic characters get 5 stat points per level and special characters get 6
  • more people in party = more experience
  • PK characters = less experience
  • Battle maps have 150% experience rate, 200% drop rate and can drop set items


  • F10 and scroll to use 3D camera
  • all characters are unlocked from the start
  • player market enabled; you can buy/sell items on our website for Credits or Jewels
  • in-game Personal Store disabled
  • potion use delay set to 1 second
  • dark Raven damage increased to 200% against monsters
  • DL and RF damage reduced by 30% (we will balance damage in future updates)
  • you get Gens rewards over 500 points
  • Box of Kundun drop excellent items
  • Silver Medals can drop: starter armors from +6 to +11 - Jewels of Chaos, Bless, Life or Creation - Dark Raven Spirit - Titan's Anger
  • Gold Medals can drop: Jewel of Bless, Soul, Chaos or Harmony - mid tier weapons - Dark Raven Spirit - Titan's Anger - Muun Pets (Evolved) - Magic Backpack (expand inventory)


  • Blood Castle
  • Chaos Castle
  • Dragon Invasion
  • Golden Invasion
  • White Wizard Attack
  • Dungeon Death King
  • Raklion Hatchery
  • Kalima Event
  • Summon Golden Book
  • Last Man Standing
  • Mu Rummy (Card Game)
  • Devil Square
  • Castle Siege


  • /Dance, /Cry, /Hustle
  • /pkclear cost: 1kk zen * pk level
  • /post <message>, /gpost <message>
  • /addstr, /addvit, /addene, /addagi, /addcmd
  • /setparty
  • /war , /endwar, /battlesoccer
  • /srvinfo, /online

If you are a numbers person and you want to know more about our server stats: click here.

That's about it.

If you have any questions leave us a comment below or on Discord.

Currently this is only one server.