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Legion update 19.01.08

Posted on 08/01/2019

After launch we got a lot of good feedback from you. Considering everyone's oppinion we made some server adjustments. Make sure you get the latest patch by running "Among Demons.exe".

Here's what we did:

  • added Jewel of Chaos and Jewel of Bless to Gold Medals
  • lowered Jewel of Harmony and Muun Pets drop rate from Gold Medals
  • lowered Titan's Anger drop rate from both Medals
  • increased Gold Medal drop rate
  • increased Atlans 2-3 monster level
  • switched from x50 to x100
  • disabled reconnect until visual bugs get fixed
  • removed email activation
  • increased number of connections per IP so you can play with multiple characters if you wish
  • removed client side chat filter
  • removed Grand Resets because it was not needed (10 resets * 5 grand resets = 50 normal resets)
  • manually added credits to people that already had resets
  • changed the price of reseting stats and ML to 50 Credits
  • changed some text phrases in the client
  • removed Vulcanus
  • made Icarus and Aida Battle zones
  • rearranged the warps list
  • lowered monster stats in Aida 1
  • put default monsters back (only stats, no spots)
  • added first armors in NPC shops
  • added more armors in Silver Medals
  • added medium tier weapons in Gold Medals (including Rune Blade for strength MG)
  • added small chance of Dark Raven Spirit in both Medals
  • removed pentagram drop from some monsters
  • changed some Arena spots
  • added Raklion spots
  • added Crywolf spots
  • added Mega Spots in Land of Trial
  • made Land of Trial monsters stronger
  • added reward to Erohim
  • fixed small wings level up bug
  • fixed the chat deselect bug

Thank you for all for helping. You are the best.

Currently this is only one server.