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Seasonal leaderboards and rewards

Posted on 01/02/2019

We're proud to announce that our Mu Online server has Seasons. TOP 3 players from each season will receive special rewards.

When the season ends you will:

  • keep your characters
  • keep your stats
  • keep your items
  • keep your total resets

The only thing that changes is the leaderboard. You can find it at:

The initial prize will be Wings of Conqueror+11+Luck that expire in 30 days. The first season is starting in 11 January and it will last until the 1st of February. Every other one will last 15 days. When it ends we'll give the rewards and we will set the seasonal resets to 0.

For any questions don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Discord.

Happy farming!

Currently this is only one server.